Upcoming trends in residential landscaping to look out for

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Residential Landscaping Sunshine Coast

Landscape trends are ever changing and evolving. There are some awesome trends coming out of 2019 that could be excellent to implement within your own home.

Trend #1 Home produce gardens

Yes the good old veggie patch is making a comeback to homes this year. Not only is it a great way to eat more fresh veggies be it is also a beautiful feature to your landscape. It is great for everyone at any age. The garden can entertain and occupy those with some extra time after retiring or help teach kids valuable lessons about responsibility and food all while helping out in the garden. Many home-owners are opting for large and purpose built areas for their veggie gardens often requiring some excavation. If you are looking to add a veggie garden to your home contact a professional to discuss your needs.

Trend #2 Rock Walls

Rock walls are a stunning feature to any home and can also serve many purposes. Rock walls can disguise unwanted features on your property, create spaces for relaxation and entertaining as well as provide an excellent natural feature to your outdoor space.when built by a professional team, rock walls are completely safe, as the rock wall is self supporting. All Across Earthworx have extensive experience in building rock walls for satisfied clients. We would love to chat about how we can make your rock wall dreams come true so gives us a call!

Trend #3 Heating for the Outdoors

While we are fortunate to live in such a warm Sunshine Coast climate, nothing beats a crackling fire in the garden with friends and family. That is why one of the emerging trends is outdoor heating. Many homeowners are turning to firepits to create the perfect year round entertaining space. A fire pit made of rocks resembling or the same as those used in a rock wall features of the garden is an aesthetic choice. Outdoor gas heaters are a great alternative if a fire pit is not a practical choice for your property.

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