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There is something about a rock wall. Not only is one of the best landscaping techniques with regards to functionality but also durability and beauty. What other type of wall can not only support itself but also handled what mother nature throws behind it? You would be hard-pressed to think of another because there is a reason that human beings have been building with rocks since we first stopped living in caves.

When considering putting in a rock wall on your property, there are some things that you must first consider. The obvious being; what type of rocks are you going to use, the base material that you are using, the chances of water collecting behind the wall, will the rock wall complement your home and garden décor or stand out.

There are just some of the topics that we will be discussing in this blog but if you are on the Sunshine Coast and want some expert advice about rock walls, contact the experts at All Across Earthworx as they are rock solid on knowledge and know-how!

With that said, here is some excellent general advice for your rock wall.

Knowing your base

You’ve been staring at your garden for ages and know the exact area that you want to put a rock wall. Is it the best area to do it? Slight variations in your initial concept could mean the difference of a few hundred bucks in materials. It’s best to get some expert advice so that you can see what will be best for the area and the best for your pocket.

Once you have made the choice of where the rock wall is going to go, you’ll need to consider the base. Gravel is one of the leading choices because it’s great for draining. The large stones will make sure that water doesn’t get caught under your wall and ruin any structural integrity.

Clay is another popular base but doesn’t drain away water without some help. A clay base will require that it either be slopped to help with water or that a drain to be installed. It can give you a stronger base, but it is not without its issues.

While it’s not the more desirable material to use, soil can also be used as the base of your wall. The exceptions will be if the area that the rock wall is being built on has been undisturbed for a long period of time. This means that the soil underneath has settled and drains well naturally. The soil is excellent for shorter walls but if you are looking at anything of significant height than it shouldn’t be used.

No matter which material you decide to use as your base, it’s important to know that it can withstand the weight of the wall as well as drain water away. If the wall is put in with a steep slope in front of it, you run the risk of the ground eroding away. Make sure there is at least 46 centimetres of ground with a slop of no more than 10 degrees.

Making a plan

Now that you know where and what you are going to be building the wall out of you will need to make your plans. This is where a good grasp on maths comes into play as you are going to need to consider the correlation between the height of the wall and the base. If the base of the wall is too small than the structural integrity won’t be what you need.

For example, a 2.4-metre-high wall will need a base of up to 2.1 metres to support it. You will need to draw the wall with measurements as well as a cross-section of the wall to ensure that your wall is supported. This plan will also need to take into consideration and slopping you have to your property as well as any slopping the wall will be doing for drainage.

Time to start

You’ve thought about it; you’ve pictured it, you drew it, now it’s time for the fun stuff! It’s time to build the wall. If you have never done anything like this before it would be time to seriously consider getting a professional like those at All Across Earthworx as they have been doing this all over the Sunshine Coast for years and not the pros and cons of rock wall building.

The reason that a professional might be the way to go is that there is a way to lay the stones so that the wall is sturdy and using its own weight to remain together. The base stones need to be the largest stones that you put down as they will be holding the weight of all the other stones on top of them. The placement of these stones is very important. The weight of the entire wall will be spread across them, so they need to be placed well and level.

Each level after that needs to be angled in a way that allows the wall to support itself. Taking into consideration how you want the wall to look will also have to take into consideration how the rocks are laid so that they deliver the desired look while keeping their structural integrity.

A rock wall can be a fantastic addition to any property. Not only is it functional but it also can create a one of a kind space that is fantastic for entertaining friends and family. If you are serious about wanting the best rock wall for your property without busting the bank than you need to talk to the crew at All Across Earthworx that have all the tools and the know-how to make the rock wall of your dreams. All Across Earthworx serves suburbs up and down the Sunshine Coast and they are looking forward to working with you. Contact them today so that they can start you to realise the potential that your garden has and what kind of rock wall will best suit your needs.

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