Awesome landscaping trends for 2019

Best Landscaping Trends & Ideas 2019

Another year, another set of landscaping suggestions for the Sunshine Coast homeowner! The hectic pace of life leaves us with less and less time to devote to our gardens, but All Across Earthworx are here to remind you that the key words are “simplify” and “modern technology”.


Allow in a little wildness: no more need for those super-tidy landscapes with their perfectly trimmed borders. Relax a bit — sit back and enjoy the view!

Modern technology

Modern technology can help, and by using a phone app you can control everything from your irrigation system to the lights. Gone are the days when you absolutely needed to be there: now you can organise things from anywhere in the world.

Create your own personal haven

After a hard day at the office, retreat to your very own oasis. Fresh air, and a serene, tranquil spot to relax in after a hard day — outdoors and surrounded by flowers that will lift your spirits. You might even erect a pergola, where you and your family and friends can eat, drink and be merry as you take in the beauty of the garden you have created.


Use decorative rocks and decking where suitable, to add colour and texture. And remember that lighting can create different moods, so experiment and be bold!

Plants and Flowers

Vary your plants and try your hand at growing vegetables. What better way to improve your diet than by introducing vegetables straight from your own land? Use more native plants. Australia’s Sunshine Coast is blessed with a wide variety of native plants and flowers. Seek these out, learn more about them, and choose your favourites in order to make your garden more personal and more interesting. Try hanging unusual plants in pots in strategic places, and grow native flowers and scented plants to demonstrate your love of your country and of Queensland in particular!

Bear in mind that lighter colours such as yellow and cream inspire feelings of happiness and turn your garden into a centre of joy.

The garden should always be your retreat, an area of calm and relaxation. Look for what appeals to you personally, not just what is in vogue, for you are the one who will be spending your leisure in an environment that should suit your needs and those of your family.

And call in the experts at All Across Earthworx for counsel and guidance, because we are here to help!