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Is there anything more awesome, and stressful, than planning a major landscaping project? It can be for a commercial or residential area, but both have some promise at what it could eventually look like. While there is a lot more to consider for a commercial project, some the general advice below could be implemented into it. However, we are going to be looking at more of the residential side of landscaping.

There is a lot of things that go into a successful landscaping project. The main objective should be to have something that is not only beautiful but functional and isn’t going to create problems down the end. While some people believe it’s just about putting in some pretty plants, there is a lot more that people don’t think about. How is the sun going to affect the area? What about a lot of rain? Is there proper drainage?

When you start planning a landscaping project, there are going to be a lot more questions than answers when you first start out. That’s why this general advice list was created to help guide you through the process.


It’s time to go really old school. We’re talking about pencil and paper old school! You need to make a list to start. List the goals for the area. What do you want from your landscaping? Is it to add value to your home so that you can put it on the market? Is it to solve a long-standing issue that you have with your property like flooding or tree issues? Is it to create a relaxing space for you and your family? Or is it to create the ultimate entertaining area?

Honestly, the questions that you need to ask yourself for a landscaping project is almost endless. The point of the brainstorming exercise is to really flush out the plan you have for the space so that you know the direction that you need to head. Also, it’ll give you time to argue with your spouse as to why it’s essential to have a huge fire pit in the design.

Draw it out

This doesn’t mean draw out the brainstorming stage, that can be done for years. Draw it with your friends, pencil and paper, while you have them out. It doesn’t have to be exact, but if you have the ability to that will make it better in the end.

Yes, this part could also be done on a computer with a lot of people using a still image from Google Earth of their backyards to get it as realistic as possible. You can go as far with this stage as you want but it’s a good idea to work with measurements, even rough ones so that you know that there is enough space for all the items you want to be part of this grand space.


It’s time to get your walking shoes on because it’s a good idea to go see what the neighbours are doing. If you are friendly with your neighbours, this part is easier, but if there are people that take as much pride in their gardens as you are about to than there might be some ideas that you can glean from them. Some of the knowledge would go handy as well, what plants have they tried, which ones have failed, and which ones blossomed? All good information to have.

Another plus side to doing this type of research is that you can take the best parts of everyone’s garden and make the ultimate space that everyone will be jealous of.


Yes, research is on its own but it’s still recon. It’s now time to let your fingers do the walking as you check out a bunch of online resources for more landscaping ideas. Social Media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are full of landscaping ideas and photos that you can help incorporate into your design. You can also check with local suppliers to see if all the materials that you need are available.

Who you gonna call?

There is nothing from stopping you from doing all the landscaping yourself. Doing it this way might give you an overwhelming sense of pride but can also be a time and money drainer. Some people spend years making their landscaping dream come true while others have contacted professionals to help their dream come to life a lot quicker.

All Across Earthworx has been doing landscaping on the Sunshine Coast for years and have the knowledge and expertise to make your vision come to life. Big or small, we do it all and get started helping you today!

Don’t get married.

To an idea! We didn’t want to start a fight with your spouse on that one. What we mean is that there are somethings that you might want for your oasis, for example a certain type of stone for a walkway. Have you done some research on it? You might want that particular stone but there might be another one that looks almost identical but is cheaper. This is what we mean by don’t be married to an idea. Keep your options open as you might be able to make the project come in under budget but achieve the same results.

Get plant smart

What’s landscaping without some amazing plants? You have learned from your neighbours about what they have tried and either failed with or had success. Now you have to translate that to your area. Are you going to go with foreign or native planets? What works best together? What changes to the drainage will you need to do? What about shade?

Get started!

It might seem like ages from when it was just an idea to when you start, but the preplanning that you do is going to make sure that the execution of your landscaping is going to a lot smoother.

If you want the smoothest landscaping, you need to contact All Across Earthworx as they know what works on the Sunshine Coast and can help you get that extraordinary landscaping without busting the bank!

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