The Difference between Dry Hire and Wet Hire and Their Benefits

Excavator Dry Hire vs Wet Hire Sunshine Coast

Dry machine hire means that your hire does not include a professional to operate the machine, therefore you or a member of your team will have to operate the piece of machinery. As there is no labour expense to be covered, this option is generally much cheaper than wet hire. Wet machine hire means that your hire includes a professional operator for the machine and therefore you will be paying for labour as well as the cost to rent and run the machine.

The benefits of dry hire are that it is the cheaper option and if you have experience operating machinery and undertaking the task which you are renting the equipment for, it can be a great option. However many excavation and land clearing jobs can be complex and if attempted by an unskilled individual, the job can take much longer than if done by a professional and even potentially can result in damage.

If you and your team do not have the skills or experience, wet hire could be your bets option. This is because a professional operator will be included and will efficiently ensure that your job is done correctly. You can be sure of this as a wet operator is required to be ticketed and competent. Therefore with wet hire, you can be sure that the machine and your job are in good hands. You can especially be sure of this when working with All Across Earthworx. We are known for consistently completing our projects on time and on budget and impressing our clients with our complete commitment to quality.

The team at All Across Earthworx are focussed on the task at hand and have a thorough understanding of plant ability and limitations. This equals minimal break-down times, operators who enjoy their jobs and ultimately clients who are happy to engage All Across Earthworx time and again.

Excavator Dry Hire vs Wet Hire Sunshine Coast – Positrack & Tipper Hire