Equipment Selection and Productivity

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Earthmoving Equipment Sunshine Coast

Since equipment productivity is a key factor in allowing contractors to make efficient decisions concerning project scheduling and costs, and fleet selection, accurate planning is crucial. The actual production and productivity must be precisely analysed and determined, so as to estimate the type, number, and schedule of presence of all the equipment on the project site to achieve the best results.

The major factors that make up construction costs are:

• Materials
• Labour
• Equipment
• Overheads.
• Profits.

The cost of equipment for civil engineering construction projects
ranges from 25 to 40 per cent of the total cost.

Construction equipment can be divided into six groups:

• Earth movement equipment
• Material handling equipment
• Elevation and rising equipment
• Concrete equipment
• Auxiliary equipment
• Portable machines.

For each group the following must be measured:

• Performance, which is minimal cost combined with maximum productivity
• Minimal risk
• Minimal impact and environmental aspect
• Calculating which option is the most appropriate.

“Estimating equipment production rates is both an art and a science”

Delays and maintenance have to be taken into account, as do topography, geotechnical characteristics and the general physical conditions of the site. Then there are climate and the weather, and how far away the site is from provisioning and garaging. The work force, direction and supervision all contribute to the decisions. In fact, the influences of both job and management considerations on operation productivity are often very complex, which means that detailed estimates are challenging.

Inevitably, all heavy equipment has an environmental impact that has to be measured and taken into account:

• Emissions
• Leaks
• Residue generation
• Use and contamination of the ground
• Water, fuel and energy consumption
• Visual impact
• Noise and vibration.

Ensure a level base

On the Sunshine Coast, All Across Earthworx has excavators over wheels or treads for rough grading and heavy lifting, digging trenches and foundations, stabilizing terraces, contouring, dredging rivers and streams and directing drainage. The suspension of the Positracks maximizes traction and flotation. The tippers are for transporting sand and gravel.

All Across Earthworx takes pride in being able to deliver consistently

Whatever you need, Earthworx can supply, with or without a driver, throughout South East Queensland. The skilled team at All Across Earthworx focuses on the task at hand and has a complete understanding of their plant ability and limitations. All Across Earthworx’ projects range from road construction, dams and bridges to waterways, slab preparation and landscaping.