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Tippers, Positracks & Excavators Hire in Sunshine Coast!

There is something about an amazingly designed machine. Call them rigs or toys if you want but you will also be calling them “problem solvers.”

If you have a big earth works, civil works, landscaping job or just need some help with driveways, slab preparation, or rock walls than we have the machine that is going to make short work of those problems.

PT50 Terex Positrack

This little train that could might look like the runt of the litter, and sure it would have been picked on a machine school, but it has power in all the right places. Just by looking at it you wouldn’t know that this mighty machine can handle almost 3,000 kilograms! It’s rubber tracks mean that it can get where other machines can’t and make short work of any pile of rocks or mound of dirt. Our Postracks come with optional Tilt Bucket, Spreader Bar, Broom, Slasher, Auger, Trencher, and Forks. That means we have the right tool for your job.

We also dry hire this cute toughy so ask us today how you can get your hands on this powerful runt.

Fuso Tippers

Sure, you could load that earth and those rocks into your ute and take them to the tip. After about 20 trips you might have made a dent in the amount of earth you need to move. Or, you could dry hire one of our Fuso Tippers. These late model trucks can handle up to five tons of material. It’ll give your ute load envy.

Kubota Excavator

Have a tough job that needs power and procession? These awesome machines can tear through the earth and make short of work any landscaping task you have. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

We service the Sunshine Coast to make it a touch better than it already is.

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