Earthmoving and Soil Fundamentals

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Excavation Contractors Sunshine Coast

Whatever you may be building, some materials will certainly have to be removed before any concrete is laid. The site must first be assessed, based on what must be cleared and which techniques used to do this. There are different types of excavation — which process of removing earth to form a cavity should be used. Most plans include excavation, hauling, disposal and compaction. A soil sample and testing will usually be required since the type, density and moisture content of the soil determine the necessary procedures before the concrete can be poured.

Planning requires dividing the project into manageable tasks by different machines, and calculating the times for these tasks based on machine productivity, i.e. performance and soil.

Other essentials are:

• The principles, issues and challenges of earth and soil
• Relevant subsurface exploration
• Construction implementation
• Appreciation of slope stability, pavement sub-grades, and the need for retaining walls
• Understanding of soil on any projects where earthworks and foundations are involved.

A typical site work task progression would be:

• Clearing
• Topsoil removal
• Excavation (for utilities and foundations)
• Removal of excavation materials not needed for backfill
• Backfill for trenches and foundations
• Site grading
• Spreading topsoil and landscaping.

Earthmoving & Excavation Contractors Sunshine Coast

All Across Earthworx specialise in all excavations — topsoil, rock or muck excavation, cut and fill, trench or basement, road, bridge or dredging. And All Across Earthworx understand that materials have different stability characteristics. We know that the angle of repose depends on the presence of groundwater and whether timber supports are necessary — or trench boxes or trench sheets. All Across Earthworx have been building ground anchors and caissons and cofferdams for years and can advise and quote on all engineering processes and systems.

Throughout the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland, from slab preparation and rock walls to landscaping, and from civil works to hiring out excavators or tippers or Positracks, All Across Earthworx is the well-established Queensland-based company you can trust, whose ethos over the past 10 years has been built on a foundation of hard work, honesty and persistence, and whose commitment to quality is genuine and absolute.

Focused on the task at hand, All Across Earthworx has a thorough understanding of plant ability and limitations, which means fewer break-downs, operators who enjoy their jobs and clients who are happy to engage All Across Earthworx time and time again. You can rely on All Across Earthworx.