Key Construction Concepts

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Civil Contractors Sunshine Coast

As an established and trusted name throughout South East Queensland working on multiple construction projects, large and small, All Across Earthworx’ ethos is built on a strong foundation of hard work, scrupulous honesty and dogged persistence, which has earned us a solid reputation for quality.

“Building science is a field of knowledge that draws upon physics, chemistry, engineering, architecture, and the life sciences. Modern building science, as it is known today, was born of innovation.”

All Across Earthworx’ believes in a tactical holistic, ecological and integrated approach to construction and in helping to simplify problems from the beginning by classifying them. Of course we are as influenced by climate and weather as by the use of what we are working on, but whereas some interfaces, such as climate, weather and human physiology, cannot be controlled or regulated, others, such as energy efficiency and affordability may be tweaked and manoeuvred.

“Contemporary building science supports the societal objective of sustainable architecture by balancing the physical constraints and the functional requirements, ideally without compromising architectural aesthetics and high performance”

For all the professionals at All Across Earthworx’, optimizing performance goes way beyond compatibility between the structure, enclosure, interior and services. There are scheduling, communication of data, and quality assurance to be considered as well as any major cost savings that may be obtained during the planning and design phase and then during the construction and operation phases. We concentrate on reducing energy consumption and construction costs while improving construction operations and safety, always evaluating risk and presenting modern management options in a unified way.

Health, safety and quality, as well as durability and cost effectiveness

Our strategies include the development of broad objectives. Our quality control begins with engineering, contracts and estimates, and continues seamlessly through procurement, inspection and compliance. We organize regular planning meetings with stakeholders and clients to assess progress toward achieving initial objectives, and we establish long-term goals as these are completed.

All Across Earthworx sticks to budget and schedule all over the Sunshine Coast

Whether you are looking at civil works or landscaping, or hiring an excavator or a positrack, you can safely rely on All Across Earthworx’ to avoid any workplace confrontation and adversarial relationships, and to replace them with a spirit of joint endeavour, partnership and accomplishment. And you can place your trust in our judgement, experience and structured approach.

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