Five reasons to hire a professional excavation service

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Sunshine Coast Excavator Hire

Experience tells in any project: how much do you know and how much easier would it be with help from an expert? All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd. has been in business on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland since 2008 and has earned an enviable reputation for honesty, hard work, and high quality.

With All Across Earthworx’ assistance, a job can be achieved more quickly and at a reasonable cost. A summary of the advantages can be found below and they are definitely worth serious consideration:


Professional excavation services have the machinery and the experience to deal with any problems that may arise. No inconveniences or issues about the equipment required: you can leave all that to All Across Earthworx, and you don’t have any of the responsibilities of hiring and operating the necessary equipment.

Erosion and Siltation

With advice and help from experts, the correct techniques and procedures will reduce possibilities of siltation and erosion.

Working on any kind of ground

Amateurs may find assessing different kinds of earth problematic; a professional from All Across Earthworx will know exactly what to do under all the different conditions. Knowledge such as this comes from years of experience and cannot just be learned. Take advantage of All Across Earthworx’ practice and understanding of the lay of the land, and save yourself unnecessary concerns in the pursuit of your objectives.

Damage to surroundings

Protect the environment — and your own land too — by using a professional service. Keep your property safe. With skill and experience, our excavation service can minimise or completely avoid damage from vibrations, as we use the most appropriate equipment. Where a novice may risk a jackhammer, a professional may instead opt for a core drill. Practical knowledge is indispensible, especially now when there is unanimous growing concern for the environment and ecosystem.


Avoid the risks of liability if you do the job yourself — peace of mind is better than avoidable stress. Our service is fully insured, and our premiums will cover the costs of any damage.


Using a professional excavation service such as All Across Earthworx allows you to put your project into competent hands — with none of the headaches or cost overruns that seem inevitably to take place when you try to do a job by yourself. Hiring an authority is usually more sensible — and it often works out to be a money-saver, and the best of all possible worlds!

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