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What can we do about abandoned mine sites? What should we do with them? There are about 50,000 throughout Australia, over 15,000 in Queensland, and dozens on the Sunshine Coast, some of which have already been backfilled. There is even an Abandoned Mines Unit, which ensures the safe remediation of mine shafts. Most of the shafts are small, derelict and long-abandoned — often just a single vertical shaft or tunnel, but safety always remains an issue.

Mining companies are increasingly required to consider site remediation and reuse

Although some mines have simply been abandoned, the state, neighbouring towns — and All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd too — are very keen to rise to the challenge and incorporate some of the sites into the nearby towns, which may originally have grown up around the mines.

Constructive, innovative, imaginative ideas

Some of the sites are huge, and often they are degraded and contaminated. Arsenic in the soil can present a long-term threat, so that residential development is seldom advisable, but new parks, race tracks, ovals, lakes, swimming holes and even museums, car parks and rubbish tips have been created over the past few years. Some sites have become endangered species sanctuaries. Both the Eastern Bentwing-bat and the Australian Ghost Bat are now breeding in abandoned gold mines. In Victoria, the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory, a laboratory one kilometer deep in the earth, researches cosmic waves and the existence of dark matter. Bendigo is planning to use renewable power sources such as solar panels to pump underground water up through mining shafts to generate electricity for the whole area. New concepts are boundless.

There is no need to wait until a mine closes to plan what it could become

No job is too big or too small, and you can see All Across Earthworx’ fleet of machines on construction sites throughout the Sunshine Coast. All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd are experts on the uneven, complicated terrain on the Sunshine Coast, and the Sunshine Coast is our passion. You can depend on us to contribute our knowledge and skills to civil works and landscaping on the Sunshine Coast as well as domestic projects. And we complete our projects on time and on budget.

We do deliver

All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd is an established and trusted name throughout South East Queensland. Contact us today to see what we can achieve together.

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