Importance of Erosion Controls

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Erosion Control Sunshine Coast

Very rigorous erosion control is now an absolute essential in design and construction. Erosion is usually caused by water, wind or even by clearing land to plant. One good way to prevent it is to plant, so as to lock in the soil particles, but the land should be used correctly, covered for protection when necessary and the runoff controlled before it can have an erosive effect. The site engineer should provide commercial construction drawings, which include soil erosion and sediment control plans, suggestions and notes.

Landslides can damage property, wash away roads and take lives.

The usual dangers are a loss of habitat, forcing local wildlife away from its native environment, and increased turbidity in natural waterways, blocked storm water drains causing flooding, rivers and streams being silted up, and even public health issues. Plants killed through erosion may take many years to re-establish themselves.

Erosion is the detachment of soil, sediment or rock fragments caused by water, wind or gravity

Developers and builders usually have a legal obligation to prevent any soil, sand and litter from leaving construction sites, so a tracking pad can be useful to clean mud off tyres. The best way to protect a project is to be prepared with the necessary sediment and erosion control plan and permits since control measures such as a perimeter fence should be installed before any excavation or site disturbance, and need to be maintained in good working order. Obviously work should be undertaken under good, dry, summer conditions rather than in unreliable winter weather when the wind is strong and fencing may be blown down and tarpaulins blown away, and ponds turn into soggy marshes.

“Work pertaining to erosion control is usually carried out by the excavating, utility, sewer and water, concrete and landscape contractors.”

Wherever possible All Across Earthworx organize a job site on a slope to help to control the direction water and sediment flow, although steep slopes may need erosion control blankets and wire-backed fences to help to keep the soil in place and to prevent landslides. We install sediment filters to control erosion and to protect storm sewer systems. At All Across Earthworx we take all our responsibilities seriously.

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