A Tidy Work Area is a Safe Work Area

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Positrack & Excavator Hire in Sunshine Coast

When you are nose deep in a job you might not realise how messy your job site is getting. However, you are going to wish you paid more attention to that when you step on a shovel or rake that’s laying about and it smacks you in that same nose.

An untidy work area is not only a danger by a massive liability to you. You or someone could get hurt and it could hit you in the pocket worse that the old VHS rental late fees on that copy of Karate Kid that you never took back. Allegedly.

When you are working with big tools like positracks, tippers, and excavators that smack in the nose could just about take your head off. A messy worksite could see things get jammed inside the tracks of the positrack or worse turn those tracks into a worksite cannon ready to fire anything laying about.

It might seem like a lot of work at the time but keeping the job site tidy is a worthwhile rational. Before any of the machines that you might have dry hired from us enter the site make sure that the paths are clear and there is nothing that is going to turn your project success into a costly failure.

We take pride in know that our machines are cared for and maintained the least you could do for these tones of fun is to make sure they have a clean and tidy area to work in. Survey your site first thing in the morning and tidy it up at the end of the day.

The extra work will make sure that your project runs smooth and might actually mean less work in the end.

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