Myths About Earthmoving

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Common Earth Works & Landscaping Misconceptions

When you have been on the job as long as All Across Earthworx you would have heard and seen a lot of things. A lot of meat pies that accidentally fell into the dirt to meet a premature end. Enough landscaping jokes to fill a massive ditch, and every myth and misconception under the big yellow fireball in the sky. Here are a few of our favorites.

It can’t be that hard…

It can be, if you don’t know what you are doing. Have you had good long thought about what your project needs to be a success? Have you made a plan, the proper considerations, gotten clearances, permits, and had at least one chat with your neighbor? You don’t want to turn that friendship in a rivalry all because you just jumped into the project?

You earth works, or landscaping doesn’t have to be the world’s hardest job or have you be run of the Sunshine Coast. You just need to consult with the experts to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Anyone can do this…

If anyone could, we’d be out of a job. We get home at night with plenty of earth in our pockets from a job well done. Everyone that works for All Across Earthworx has years of experience on the job. Taught but the best that were before them and masters of what they do. Some even have those meditation sand gardens on their desks for down time. We seriously love what we do.

I’ll do it tomorrow…

Just like that gym membership you got at the start of the year? This is something you need to do now and do right so give us a call and get that job started. New Year, New Yard!

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