It’s not the size (awesome things our little machines can do)

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Mini Excavator Hire Sunshine Coast

It’s true that different projects need different machinery in order to complete the job to a high standard. However, our mini machines are amongst the most popular and versatile machines we own! There’s not much they can’t do! Don’t be fooled by their small, vulnerable size – these beauties are the shining stars of All Across Earthworx!

The biggest benefit of using a mini excavator instead of a standard size one is that the mini can squeeze into small areas such as swimming pools while providing the same strength and productivity than a standard excavator. They also leave fewer track marks and ground damage. This saves time, money and effort.

Just like a small dog, it can nip in, out and around all the other machines at a quick speed, making it easier and quicker to transport earth making it perfect for crowded building sites. It’s also the best machine for durability. It lasts a lot longer than his bigger brothers making it more efficient and cheaper to run.

If an untidy building site is your worst nightmare, mini excavators are perfect for keeping job sites clean and tidy. It can move un-used materials, load dump trucks with rubbish and is efficient and quick when moving materials and unwanted earth. We’ve re-named them as ‘mini maids’ as they are perfect for clearing and cleaning any construction site.

The good news is these mini beasts are for hire! They can get any job done in the quickest time and are the pride of All Across Earthworx. Transporting these machines will also be easier and cheaper than the standard or big machines as it can delivered on a standard utility truck or on a standard large trailer.

Considering what All Across Earthworx does all across the Sunshine Coast, it should come to no surprise that one of the primary uses of the mini excavator is moving earth. Large or small job, a Sunshine Coast Excavator hire from All Across Earthworx, can do them all. So call us now to meet and hire these little beauties!

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