What you Need to Know Before Breaking Ground

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Earth Works in Sunshine Coast!

You might have been looking at your lawn for days, weeks, months, even years thinking “I want to change it all.” The good news is that we can help you with any of your landscaping, rock walls, and general earth works all along the Sunshine Coast.

The bad news, there are a bunch of things to consider before you do it.

It might seem like you just need to move a few things, “dig that out”, plant a few things and Bob’s your uncle. However, to get the most out of your landscaping you need understand the cause and effects it might have as well as make a concrete (pun intended) plan.

What’s there to think about? Are you going to grow plants? If so what type? Are you going to have native plants, exotic plants, a mixture of both? If you are going to mix them why types complement each other, and which ones will strangle each other?

Maybe you want to use that space to grow food? Maybe a few chickens to serve up a few fresh eggs to go with your fresh veg omelet on a Sunday morning. Where’s the chook shed going to go? How big? What are your council rules around these types of things?

That simple job has turned into a mountain, but don’t let it crush your dreams because All Across Earthworx will be your Sherpas to the top. We can give you the advice you need to get the landscaping you want. Give us a call today as we want to help you make the Sunshine Coast even more beautiful.

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