Amazing landscape trends of 2018

landscape trends 2018 - landscaping ideas sunshine coast qld

Looking at your yard or garden and wishing for a rejuvenation? While rain and a little bit of sunshine can do wonders for the green, landscaping is always the best option to get it just how you want.

If you are looking to give your property a makeover, here are some of the hottest, and trendiest, landscaping ideas for 2018.

Add some texture to those boring pavers

A lot of people were looking for the minimalist look a few years back, but in 2018 it’s all about the texture. Many are flocking to textured pavers for their garden or pool pathways. One of the added benefits of textured pavers is that it allows water to run more freely and will help you avoid slipping on wet pavers as well as stopping water from pooling on the paver.

Plus, a textured paver will help that rustic nature feeling that you get from the outside world. It’ll fit right in for years to come.

Light my fire

In the dead of the Sunshine Coast summer it might seem silly to have a firepit at your house. But think about those wonderful cool winter evenings with friends or family around your own firepit. They should be called a memory pit as you will be creating your own around one of these fabulous features in your backyard.

Strip Lighting

LED lights have come such a long way. A long chain of them will not cost you very much and they are incredibly versatile and durable. They can make the BBQ area, pool railings, steps, or garden walls come to life with beautiful light and colour.

Another great thing about LED lighting is that if they are electric they consume very little power, but can easily be fitted to a simple solar system that allows them to glow every night without costing you an extra cent on your power bill.

No matter what you want to do with your landscaping in 2018, we hope that you will consider All Across Earthworx for your service or equipment hire needs.

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