Excavators vs. Positracks, which digging machine is right for you?

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It is important to choose the right machine for the job and the team at All Across Earthworx want to ensure that this is the case for all Queenslanders, clients or not. Whether it be landscaping, civil or construction work, bear in mind that excavators and positracks behave very differently.


“Versatile” is the best way to describe an excavator. The cab is connected to a boom, so that excavators can be rotated a full 360 degrees and remain fully functional, which means they are simple to manoeuvre in tight spaces while still able to handle tasks that require fine manipulation. So they can be used for jobs from straightforward landscaping in the garden to major civil construction works. Excavators have played and still play a crucial role in the development of the Sunshine Coast. As we have developed, the need for excavators has grown, and they continue to be necessary as our territory flourishes.


These operate very differently: while an excavator has an independent chassis, a positrack is more fixed and has a turning radius of 200 degrees to the left or right. However, apart from some highly specialised functions, there is not much that a positrack can do that an excavator cannot handle as efficiently. A positrack’s main advantage up to now has been its smaller size but even that is being challenged with the advent of the mini-excavator, which weighs 6-10 tonnes, about the same as a positrack.

Which one suits you?

Depending on the size of your work site, we at All Across Earthworx would suggest an excavator. On a smaller site, and taking into account the work requirement, a positrack can be cost effective – particularly if frequent and heavy usage are factors. On the whole, however, excavators are more flexible, and the new, mini versions can manoeuvre in smaller sites.

Call All Across Earthworx and let us do it for you

All Across Earthworx is here to help, and we hope that the above information can help you to reach a conclusion based on your own particular needs. But whether you decide to buy or to rent, remember to take into account your ability to manoeuvre the vehicle, the size of the worksite, the type of work to be carried out and, above all the cost effectiveness of the excavator or positrack.

Happy digging!

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