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Finally, winter is upon us. No, this has nothing to do with Game of Thrones, but it does have to do with those cooler days of working the earth. While we live in a wonderful part of the world on the Sunshine Coast that doesn’t have to worry about the ground freezing or snow, there are still some considerations to have for winter working.

A warm cuppa

Providing hot water for either coffee or tea isn’t a requirement for the job site, but it does do wonders for the workers. Especially on those early brisk morning starts. How big or small you go is up to you, but we know that there are some organisations that offer a kettle, which is great, and others that supply a fully functioning barista run coffee van. No matter what you do for your crew, they will appreciate it.

Light it up

One of the few things that we can’t escape about winter that the rest of the world has is the shorter days. While the hours of work don’t get any shorter, the hours of sunlight do. Make sure for jobs that might go into the later dusk period, that you have lights. Low light work makes not only mistakes more likely but also injury.

Working with water

While someone contracting hypothermia on the Sunshine Coast by working with water is not that likely, it still can get pretty cold. So, if you are working with water features, or digging in water it’ll be important to remind your works to bring a change of clothes. This way if they do get a bit wet they can change to lower the risk of them getting sick. If your crew breaks down due to illness from getting wet in the winter, it will slow production down.

What are some of the best tips you have for winter work? One of our best ones to share with you is to stay inside and hire us at All Across Earthworx to do the job for you! Contact us today to see how we can help.

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