Is your site the safest?

earthworks site safety - earthmoving and excavationg services in sunshine coast

Can you afford for an accident on your job site? Of course not. A hazardous job site is not only against the law but will slow progress on the work and make moral of the worker almost non-existent.

While there’s never an intention for a cluttered or dirty work area, it is important to always follow not only your Occupational Health and Safety standards but also have some common sense about it. Here are some helpful ideas that you can implement at your next earthworks site in Sunshine Coast.

Tools down, brooms up

If you ever watch a professional kitchen work, there is always cleaning going on. While the chef is cooking, there ae people whose job it is to make sure the areas are clean, and the pots and pans taken to be washed. While it might not be in the budget to have someone walking around all your works tiding after them, the workers can do a big part of it themselves.

When you work with the earth, and heavy machinery, there is going to be dirt and grease. But if you take an hour out of the day to tidy up, not only is the site going to be ready to start work as soon as people arrive the next day, but the client will be happier as well.

Maintain your gear

Excavators and other equipment that breaks down during a job cost time and money. In between jobs, or even at the end of a day, giving the equipment a once over will do wonders. Machines should be serviced regularly to keep them in working order but cleaning mud and gunk from tools and equipment will make you look as professional as you are and mean less chance of failure.

If you are looking for a team that not only can do big and small jobs but lives by these steps, call us today and we can do the job within budget. We have proudly served the greater Sunshine Coast for years and look forward to serving you.

Earthworks Site Safety – Excavating & Earthmoving Services Sunshine Coast