Significant moments in Earthworks history

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Earth works has been around since the first human moved a rock out of his way with a stick. There is something about the ground under us that we love to dig, shape, and mould into something bigger and better.

Earth works has so many uses through history. The obvious ones are building and farming, but of course as long as there been people, there has been conflict. Some of the mightiest structures of war utilised earth works and can still be seen. Earth works was used to shape the earth for better fortification.

There are great arachnological signs as well. In parts of Germany there are prehistorical ditches and ramparts that can be found that are dated to be before 300 BC. That’s some good craftmanship. Let’s not even get started on the Roman’s, Egyptians, and whoever put up Stonehenge and the Easter Island heads! Those people were a head of their time.

Great modern empires also owe their debt to earth works. Where would the United States be without the great earth work that was done to build the railroad system that helped build the economy?

Though out history earth works has been used for military, farming, art, industry, and even spiritual reasons.

This is why earth works isn’t just a job for us, but a calling. The professional experts of the All Across Earthworx team were born to move earth and build upon it. They live, sleep, and eat the earth. Well, not the actual dirt, but food that comes from it.

It is this type of dedication that you need on your next project. Let All Across Earthworx bring their passion and knowledge to work for you and make your project be something that lasts for generations.

Contact us now, we proudly serve and hire to the greater Sunshine Coast area.

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