Construction Myths and False Concepts

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Has anyone ever told you that ‘green’ and sustainable buildings cost more? Well, that means they are not taking life cycle costs into account. There’s one present-day myth for you. Sustainability is about quality of life and community, and All Across Earthworx believes in striving towards new sources of energy: solar wind and geothermal.

Sustainable building is just common sense

LEED-certified buildings can cut green house gases and water consumption by almost 50 per cent. They cost about 25 per cent less to run and have higher occupant satisfaction, waste is reduced and there may be tax credits or incentives and expedited building permits.

Converting a conventional building into an energy-efficient one? You need a checklist. And to decide the degree and scale.

Green, energy-saving buildings are indistinguishable from traditional ones to look at, and green renovations should always respect the original building’s character. There is no longer any need to use rows of ugly solar panels as photovoltaic panels can be attractively and effectively integrated into a project. Green buildings are not just about using eco-friendly materials — it is how you design and align your building, how you select your site and place your windows, it’s water conservation and energy performance.

There is a strong demand for green buildings. Sustainability is certainly not just a fad that will go away. And it is not all or nothing. Every little bit counts.

Green buildings tend to fetch higher rents because of lower operating costs and greater employee satisfaction. Developers and tenants do care about a healthier environment with reduced pollution, better lighting, more daylight, and humidity and temperature control.

Other myths and misconceptions?

That anyone can get a job in the construction industry. The industry is very competitive and needs skilled, specialized, professional workers — if you are on the Gold Coast then ask All Across Earthworx, because we have the best workers around. And don’t believe that women don’t work in construction either.

Is working in construction dangerous?

Safety regulations and standards are extremely strict and the construction industry is safer than ever before, with more training courses and more safety features on equipment.

All Across Earthworx can tackle any project large or small.

We have a solid reputation for completing our projects on time and on budget. And we are an established, trusted name throughout South East Queensland, completely committed to quality and sustainability. What can we do for you?

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