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You can, you know. You just have to give it some serious thought. An accurate budget is probably the most important part of your planning. But you really have to identify all the potential expenses before drawing up your budget, and take into account that the costs are far greater than just labour and material.

The budget is set by the client

First, as far as the labour costs are concerned, you have to know how many more and less highly trained workmen you will need, and their average salaries. Then you calculate the full material cost of the project to see if you can afford more workmen or have to reduce labour costs.

This should be realistic

Next you have to estimate travel fares to and from the project and project meetings, as well as the project office and salaries of the project team. On top of that, but separately, is the cost of specialized software. There may also be extra equipment and some administrative costs, as well as the price of the land, approval, insurance, removals and financing. And, finally, there are inflation, contingency fees and possibly GST to take into account.

Try to make your targets watertight

The project budget and costs may well diverge or be incompatible — if the authorised budget is the maximum expenditure agreed to — but there are usually overruns in construction projects. Experience helps, and so does research. All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd has plenty of both, and also knowledge of terrain, site conditions, safety and code requirements and resources. All of our project managers and experienced engineers know how much progress reports help, and they are always up-to-date on issues.

Hard work, honesty and perseverance pay off

All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd can help to make your preparations and construction less daunting. We are an established and trusted name throughout South East Queensland, providing earthmoving services to both large and small construction projects. And we also have a solid reputation for completing our projects on time and within budget.

All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd

The All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd team focus on the task at hand, and have a thorough understanding of plant ability and limitations. We believe in minimal breakdown times, operators who enjoy their jobs and, ultimately, clients who are happy to engage All Across Earthworx Pty Ltd time and time again. Why don’t you call us today for a discussion and a quote?

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