Funny things clients have asked us to do

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Over the years, we have had some bizarre and weird requests from our clients when working on a project. As strange and out there as they appear, clients were deadly serious in requesting these services from us. We asked our Sunshine Coast earthmovers to tell us their most bizarre requests that they have ever had and narrowed them down to the top 4 requests :

1. “Can you watch my children while I go to the shop?”
This happens more than people realise! Clients seem to think that while we’re working on their back yard or on the construction site next door to their already built property, that we automatically become a babysitting service for children just because we’re there! We’ve had the same requests for dogs too! We cannot be responsible for any babysitting or dog watching. We can look after your land but that’s it!

2. “Can you do this in a month?”
As much as we try and meet your tight deadlines, sometimes it’s just damn near impossible! This request came from a businessman who planned on building his property from scratch and hosting a grand opening inside it within 1 month. We always encourage people to dream big but this guy needed a touch of reality!

3. “Would you like to meet my daughter?”
Now ladies, as much as Harry the Hunk would love to meet your daughter and take her on a date, he has work to do. Your project! We have had some young men stating that they have received advances from mums and daughters alike. Thankfully, our men are forever professionals and have politely declined these tempting offers.

4. “Can you build me a giant unicorn fountain?”
As much as we pride outselves in being able to meet most of our client’s requests for originality and quirkiness in their gardens, there are some requests we sadly cannot fulfil. Basically, because these products don’t exist and we’re not builders. Many of our clients tend to group all construction workers together and assume we can do all ‘construction’ jobs – landscaping, building, carpentry… Sorry. We’re specialists in land only. But I do have the number of a very good builder who would be interested in making a giant unicorn…

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