Dry hire vs. wet hire

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What is meant by “dry” and “wet” hire?

In simple terms, the dry hire of a piece of machinery – whether an excavator, a posi track or a tipper – on the Sunshine Coast means that you are the operator, responsible for the entire job. Whereas with the wet hire, the job is in the hands of an expert such as the team from All Across Earthworx, who have been in business in Queensland for years and can provide fully licensed experienced operators.

The pros and cons of dry and wet hire

Yes, wet hire is more expensive but you have the benefit of knowing that the work is being carried out by an experienced operator, which can actually result in savings in terms of time. Time equals money, so what may look like an added expense is in reality a savings.

Dry hire can be a false economy

Our operators are not only highly qualified, but are also familiar with the machinery being used and understand it. You, as the amateur operator, may be at a disadvantage should you run into an obstacle – however big or small – that could cost you not only additional hire time, but danger or at least stress. Ask yourself, do you feel confident about using such large machinery on your own instead of placing the job in the competent hands of a company such as All Across Earthworx, with its many years of experience on the Sunshine Coast? Dry hire can be a false economy when the job can be done in less time, with a reduced risk of accident or environmental damage, and with no personal responsibility.


Another factor to consider is that all wet operators must be licensed and competent – and here “competent” is the key word. Incorrect usage of machinery can have very serious consequences, from injury to damage to the machinery or even the project. Bear in mind that operators require skills and experience in the type of work being undertaken: wet operators are trained and possess such skills, whereas most dry operators do not.


Your choice is between the “dry” option, where the responsibility rests on your shoulders, and the “wet” option, where an experienced operator can do the job in less time and with complete safety.

Call All Across Earthworx and let us do the job, leaving you relaxed and secure in the knowledge that you have hired the best possible team to deal with your project.

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