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Construction sites present many inevitable hazards, but clearing away all the debris daily greatly increases safety and even improves morale, public relations and efficiency.

The best time to clean up is straight away

It is of course essential that all workers have safe access to the site, that walking and working surfaces should be kept clear and clean, and that stairways, passageways and gangways remain unobstructed by materials, supplies, debris and trash. Nails, scrap, wood and all refuse and litter should always be removed and sumps, shafts, floor openings, etc., safely covered.

A proper place for everything and everything in its proper place

Any items not being used should be properly stored, but the storage areas should not contain unnecessary waste or lumber, or empty cement bags and other dust-producing materials.

Protection in high winds and weather

Anything that might possibly be blown away should be correctly secured and attached, and nothing should be kept near an opening, roof edge, excavation or trench.

Common sense and more

All protruding nails should be bent over or removed. Garbage cans, recycling containers, chutes, drip pans and non-combustible receptacles should be provided and marked and, where possible, be fitted with self-closing covers. All of these should be emptied regularly or disposed of in accordance with federal regulations and local codes. No waste should ever be thrown into storm or sanitary sewers.

Please store containers of flammable and combustible liquids separately

Waste and product drums and containers should be sealed tightly to reduce evaporation, spillage and contamination, and used oil containers and dumpsters should always be locked and secured.

Use simple, practical common sense

The site should be cleaned up in a well-planned and coordinated manner, so as to try to avoid accidents. Where possible, everyone working on-site should participate, and of course stationary or portable lavatory facilities must always be kept clean and sanitary.

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